Important Information 

  1. We are required by UK Law to do a skin/patch test for ALL CLIENTS.
  2. Consultations are required for ALL new colour clients (as well as returning clients we have not seen for extended periods or wish for a change).
  3. We do implement an age restriction for all colouring services this is 16.
  4. Please note we have a 48hr cancellation/rescheduling policy. Anything within this period will result in a loss of deposit.


The Salon operates a strict 48hr cancellation policy – this means that if you cancel or reschedule your appointment PRIOR to this time frame the deposit is fully transferable / refundable.

If you fail to give us the minimum 48hrs notice we will take the deposit as a loss for the stylists time & a NEW deposit will be required to reschedule.

In the event you cancel or reschedule within the 48hr notice period but we ARE able to fill the stylists time we will NOT take your deposit and it can be transferred to a new booking.

If you cannot reach us via phone due to a busy line or the Salon being closed you MUST send us email confirmation of the cancellation or required reschedule.

Please do NOT leave a voicemail to cancel or reschedule your appointment.